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Since its foundation last year, the Brazilian Society of Adhesion and Adhesives wanted creating a new journal dedicated to applications of adhesives in different areas, from mechanical industry to medical treatments. The idea was to have a journal with high-quality papers but freely available to anyone in the globe.

We accepted this challenge and now we are presenting to the international adhesion community the Applied Adhesion Science. The journal focuses on practical applications of adhesives, with special emphasis in fields such as oil, aerospace and biomedical. Topics on problems related to the phenomena of adhesion and the application of adhesive materials are welcome, especially in biomedical areas such as adhesive dentistry.

Applied Adhesion Science is an open-access journal in partnership with Springer. Journal’s open access policy offers a fast publication schedule whilst maintaining rigorous peer review. Regular papers will be published with their final citation immediately upon acceptance in a provisional PDF form.

Special issues will follow the standard review procedures and must comply with the criteria applied to regular papers. For the first year we are preparing three “Thematic Series”. The first one contains selected papers presented at the 1st Luso-Brazilian Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives (CLBA 2012) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during November 8–9, 2012. The second TS contains papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Structural Adhesive Bonding (AB 2013) held in Porto, Portugal during July 4–5, 2013. Finally, we will have a special issue with papers selected from the 49th Meeting of the Brazilian Dental Materials Group (49th GBMD-2013) held in Piracicaba, Brazil during July 22–24, 2013. We intend to publish these three thematic series every since the conferences take place.

The AAS’s Editorial Board is composed of Brazilian researchers from different universities and also from industry. In addition, the journal has an Editorial Advisory Board composed of colleagues from different countries with recognized contributions in adhesion science. We are still contacting researchers to complete the EAB, but we would like to thank all the colleagues who had already accepted our invitation to become a member. I especially thank Prof. Lucas da Silva and Prof. Bob Adams who supported the idea to start a new journal on Adhesion Science.

Silvio de Barros


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