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Table 1 Composition of the tested resins

From: Topography and surface roughness of fluid resins used as bioprotectors of mini-implants

Groups Resins Composition Manufacturer Lot
F Filtek Z350 XT 35% by weight of BisGMA, TEGMA, ytterbium fluoride, dimethacrylate-functionalized polymer and 65% by weight of ceramic inorganic particles and silane-treated silica and titanium dioxide. 3 M/Espe, St. Paul, MN, USA N376841
TC Top comfort 60% by weight of methacrylate monomers (BisGMA, UDMA and TEGMA), stabilizer, camphorquinone, co-initiator, pigments and 40% by weight of boron-aluminum-silicate glass inorganic particles and nanoparticulate silica. FGM, Joinville, SC, Brasil 040112
W Wave 35% by weight multifunctional methacrylate ester and 65% by weight of inorganic particles. SDI, Bayswater, Vict, Australia 110401 N