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Table 2 Groups, materials and application technique used in this study

From: Nanoleakage in indirect composite restorations using different combinations of resin coating technique

Groups Materials Application
SB2/B (Etch-rise 2step/hydrophobic monomer) Single bond 2 bond SBMP a, b, c, d, e, d, e, k j, k
SB2/FL (Etch-rinse 2step/flow composite resin) Single bond 2 filtek flow a, b, c, d, e, d, e, k i, k (20 s)
CS3 (Self-etch 1step) Clearfil S3 h, e, k
CS3/PL (Self-etch 1step/flowable composite resin liner) Clearfil S3 protect liner h, e, k k (20 s)
CSEB/PL (Self-etch 2step/flowable composite resin liner) Clearfil SE bond protect liner f, e, g, e, k k (20 s)
  1. Application technique: a: acid technique (15 s); b: rinse surface (15 s); c: dry with cotton-pellet; d: apply one layer total etch one step adhesive; e: gently air dry (5 s); f: apply primer two step self-etch adhesive (20 s); g: apply bond two step self-etch adhesive; h: apply one layer self-etch one step adhesive (20 s); i: apply one layer resin flow; j: apply bond three step etch and rinse adhesive, K: light cure (10 s).