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Table 1 Materials used and treatment protocol

From: Efffect of desensitizing agents on the bond strength of dental adhesive systems

Material Composition Protocol Manufacturer
Adper Scotchbond Multiuse adhesive system Primer: HEMA, polyalkenoic acid. a) phosphoric acid (37%): 15 sec. 3 M ESPE, St Paul, USA
b) tap water: 15 sec.
c) removal of excess moisture with paper towel.
Bond: Bis-GMA, HEMA and amines. d) primer
e) air jet: 5 sec. (distance 10 cm)
f) adhesive
g) photoactivation: 10 seconds.
Clearfil SE Bond adhesive system Primer: MDP, HEMA, camphorquinone, hydrophilic dimethacrylate, N, N-diethanol P-toluidine and water. a) primer: rubbing for 20 sec. Kuraray Medical Inc, Tokyo, Japan.
b) air jet: 10 sec. (distance 10 cm)
Bond: MDP, BIS-GMA, HEMA, hydrophobic aliphatic dimethacrylate, camphorquinone, N, N-diethanol-P-toluidine, silanized colloidal silica. c) adhesive
d) air jet: 10 sec. (distance 10 cm)
e) photoactivation: 10 sec.
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Paste Calcium carbonate, hydrated silica, glycerin, arginine, water, sodium bicarbonate, fragrance, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium saccharin, blue 1(Cl 42090). a) application with impregnated rubber cup at low speed for 3 sec. Palmolive Company, New York, USA
b) rinse with deionized water
c) repeat procedure
Aqueous Biosilicate® solution (10%) Bioglass mixed with distilled water (ratio 1:10). a) application and rubbing of solution on dentin for 30 sec. Vitrovita, São Carlos, Brazil.
b) wait: 3 min.
c) remove excess: air jet
d) repeat procedure
e) rinse with deionized water