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Table 1 Information of pH, manufacturer, lot number, composition, and directions of application of the adhesive materials investigated in the study

From: Bond strength of a universal bonding agent and other contemporary dental adhesives applied on enamel, dentin, composite, and porcelain

Material pH§ Manufacturer (Lot number) Composition Directions of application*
SBU pH = 2.6c 3 M ESPE (1302800437) MDP phosphate monomer, dimethacrylate resins, HEMA, polyalkenoic acid copolymer, filler, ethanol, water, initiators, silane e; c; f (10 s)
SBMP pH = 3.9b (Primer) 3 M ESPE (205453) Primer: Polyalkenoic acid copolymer HEMA, water a; b; c; d (20 s); c; e (10 s); f (10 s)
   Bond: Bis-GMA, HEMA, tertiary amines, photo-initiator  
SB pH = 4.2a 3 M ESPE (330843 BR) Dimethacrylate resins, HEMA, polyalkenoic acid copolymer, filler, ethanol, water, initiators a; b; c; e (10 s); c; (repeat 2–3 times steps “e” and “c”); f (10 s)
CLSE pH = 1.4d Kuraray (01714-A) Primer: MDP, dimethacrylate monomer, HEMA, silica, N,N-diethanol-p-toluidine, CQ d; c; e; c; f (10 s)
   Bond: HEMA, dimethacrylate monomer, Bis-GMA, N,N-diethanol-p-toluidine, silica, CQ  
Silane Dentsply (802197 F) Silane, ethanol, acetic acid g (15 s); h; i; c; (repeat steps “i” and “c”)
  1. SBU: Scotchbond Universal; SBMP: Scotchbond Multipurpose; SB: Single Bond 2; CLSE: Clearfil SE Bond; MDP: 10-methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate; HEMA: 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate; Bis-GMA: bisphenol A glycidyl methacrylate; CQ: camphorquinone.
  2. *a: acid-etching (15 s in dentin/resin composite and 30 s in enamel); b: (rinsing with water for the same period of time of acid-etching); c: drying with compressed air; d: primer application; e: resin bond/adhesive application; f: light-activation; g: mix one drop of the primer and one drop of the activator; h: let the mixture rest for 5 minutes; i: silane application.
  3. §Distinct superscript letters indicate statistically significant differences in pH (p < 0.05).