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Table 2 Shear bond strength means and standard deviation (±SD) for enamel and porcelain

From: Bond strength of a universal bonding agent and other contemporary dental adhesives applied on enamel, dentin, composite, and porcelain

Substrate SBMP SB CLSE SBU Positive control Negative control
Enamel 19.0b (±10.2) 26.6a (±9.3) 26.0a (±8.5) 23.5ab (±8.4) 22.6ab (±9.9)   
Porcelain      29.0a (±6.9) 21.0b (±7.0) 5.3c (±2.7)
  1. SBMP: Scotchbond Multipurpose; SB: Single Bond 2; CLSE: Clearfil SE Bond; SBU: Scotchbond Universal; SE: self-etch technique; ER: etch-and-rinse technique; Positive control: Silane plus SB; Negative control: no material.
  2. Distinct letters in the same row indicate statistically significant differences (p < 0.05).