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Table 2 Microtensile bond strength median values (in MPa) and pooled average of adhesive systems investigated in the study after immediate (24 h) and long-term (6 months) water storage, with no shelf-life simulation of adhesives

From: Effect of shelf-life simulation on the bond strength of self-etch adhesive systems to dentin

Adhesive systems Time of evaluation Pooled average*
24 h 6 months
AdheSE™ 46.2 13.1 24.1 b
Single Bond Universal™ 49.1 83.0 63.3 a
Clearfil SE Bond™ 91.8 64.4 66,2 a
  1. *Distinct superscript letters after pooled average medians indicate statistically significant differences among the adhesives evaluated (p < 0.05).