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Table 4 FTIR vibrational bands of FBE components [3336]

From: Fusion-bonded epoxy composite coatings on chemically functionalized API steel surfaces for potential deep-water petroleum exploration

Component Wavenumber (cm−1) Band assignment
DGEBA 3500–3200 ν(O–H)
3060 ν(C–H) of the oxirane ring
2970–2870 ν(C–H) of CH2 and CH aromatic and aliphatic
1608 ν(C=C) of aromatic rings
1506 ν(C–C) of aromatic
1040 ν(C–O–C) of ethers
910 ν(C–O) of oxirane group
830 ν(C–O–C) of oxirane group
DDA 3500–3300 ν(N–H)
2210 R-CN
2180 R-CN
1650–1500 δ (N–H) of primary amines
Wollastonite 1080–1020 ν (Si–O-Si)
950–910 ν (Si–O-Ca)
476 δ(Si–O–Si) and δ(O–Si–O)
TiO2 anatase 450 Ti–O