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Table 1 Materials used in this study

From: Interactions between resin-based temporary materials and immediate dentin sealing

Materials Product name Composition Manufacturer
Calcium hydroxide cement Dycal Base paste: 1,3-butylene glycol disalicyate, zinc oxide, calcium phosphate, calcium tungstate, iron oxide pigments. Catalyst paste: calcium hydroxide, N-ethyl-o/p-toluene sulfonamide, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, zinc stearate, iron oxide pigments Dentsply, York, USA
Eugenol-free cement Temp bond NE Base paste: mineral oil, zinc oxide, cornstarch. Catalyst paste: resin, ortho-ethoxy benzoic acid, carnauba wax, octanoic acid Kerr, orange, USA
Resin-based provisional material Clip F UDMA, DDMA, polymers, fluoride Voco, cuxhaven, GER
Dentin bonding agent Adper ScotchBond multi-purpose Primer: HEMA, polyalkenoic acid. Bond: Bis-GMA, HEMA, amines 3 M ESPE, St Paul, USA
  1. UDMA urethanedimethacrylate, DDMA dodecanidiol dimethacrylate (DDMA), HEMA hydroxiethylmethacrylate, Bis-GMA bisphenol-glycidyl methacrylate