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Table 3 Average and standard deviation values for shear bond strength of FP, according to technique

From: In vitro evaluation of the shear bond strength between fiber posts and methacrylate or silorane based composite resins

Composite Resin Adhesive
Absent Present
Methacrylate-based resin (Filtek™ Z250) 5.54 (1.78) Aa 7.39 (2.05) Aa
Silorane-based resin (Filtek™ P90) 1.69 (1.02) Bb 6.07 (1.88) Aa
Methacrylate bulk fill resin (Filtek™ Bulk Fill) 5.31 (1.58) Aa 5.50 (3.03) Aa
  1. Statistical difference is indicated through different capital letters in the row and different small letters in the columns