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Table 1 Synthesis of block copolymers by TERP

From: Control of adhesive strength of acrylate polymers containing 1-isobutoxyethyl and isobornyl esters in response to dual stimuli for dismantlable adhesion

Code First-step polymerization Second-step polymerization
iBEA/IBoAa Time (h) Conversion of iBEA/IBoA (%) M n/104 M w/M n 2EHA/HEAa Time (h) Conversion of iBEA/IBoA/2EHA/HEAb (%)
B1 1050/0 9 58/– 2.3 1.16 1650/300 13 66/0/65/80
B2 600/300 22 59/25 3.1 1.31 2200/300 8 75/31/62/69
  1. Polymerization conditions: [AMVN]/[AIBN] = 1.4/1.0 in the molar ratio to the DPDT and iBEA/anisole = 1/1 in weight at 60 °C. The homopolymerization of iBEA or the copolymerization of iBEA and IBoA was carried out during the first-step polymerization, and then 2EHA and HEA were added to synthesize the block copolymers during the second-step polymerization
  2. a Molar ratio to DPDT
  3. b The conversions for iBEA and IBoA indicate the total values of the first- and second-step polymerizations