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Table 1 Group distribution, descriptive statistical analysis (bond strength mean values in MPa and standard deviation) and Tukey test for the interaction “artificial teeth material*surface treatment”

From: Effect of surface treatments on the bond repair strength of resin composite to different artificial teeth

Groups Artificial teeth material Surface treatment Mean ± Std
ARc Acrylic resin No treatment 5.38 ± 0.89a
CRc Composite resin 19.41 ± 4.62bc
ARa Acrylic resin Adhesive system application 23.76 ± 3.88cd
CRa Composite resin 28.40 ± 6.22d
ARS Acrylic resin Sandblasting with Al2O3 particles 17.23 ± 5.64b
CRS Composite resin 25.39 ± 5.75cd
ARSa Acrylic resin Sandblasting and adhesive system application 27.91 ± 6.27d
CRSa Composite resin 45.93 ± 7.13e
  1. Same superscript letters are not significantly different (p < 0.05)