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Table 1 Materials tested, brand name, manufacturer and composition

From: Bonding of CAD/CAM lithium disilicate restorations with regular and flowable composite resin with and without wetting resin

Materials Brand name Manufacturer Composition
HF IPS ceramic etching gel Ivoclar Vivadent Hydrofluoric acid 2.5 to < 7%
Silane Silane Ultradent Methacryloxy propyl trimethoxy silane; isopropyl alcohol
Ceramic IPS e.max CAD Ivoclar Vivadent SiO2; Li2O; K2O; P2O5; ZrO2; ZnO; Al2O3; MgO; Colouring oxides
Adhesive Optibond FL (bottle #2) Kerr Corp. 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate; 3-trimethoxysilylpropyl methacrylate; 2-hydroxy-1,3-propanediyl bismethacrylate; alkali fluorosilicates(Na)
Regular composite resin Z100 3M ESPE Bis-GMA and TEG-DMA; inorganic matrix; zirconia/silica
Flowable composite resin Filtek supreme ultra 3M ESPE Bis-GMA, UDMA, TEGDMA, and bis-EMA; inorganic matrix: zirconia/silica