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Table 2 Lithium-disilicate discs’ CIELAB parameters values over the white (w) and black (b) backgrounds, the correspondent translucency parameters (TP) and light irradiance values with the ceramic discs’ interpositions

From: Does ceramic translucency affect the degree of conversion of luting agents?

Lithium-disilicate translucencyOptical propertiesLight irradiance (Direct light irradiance = 1218 mW/cm2) in mW/cm2 (% of light maintenance)
High translucency (HT)94.0w0.7w14.8w16.4810 (66%)
78.8b− 0.8b8.8b
Low translucency (LT)89.7w1.3w22.6w13.4692 (57%)
79.2b− 0.6b15.1b
Medium opacity (MO)83.6w4.0w38.4w12.6566 (46%)
  1. Values are average of three measurements performed