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Table 1 Materials, manufacturers, and the components, of the enamal bonding agents used in this study

From: Micromorphological analysis and bond strength comparison of two adhesives for different degrees of dental fluorosis

Adhesive system Manufacturer batch Composition Directions
Prime & Bond NT Densply,DeTrey Gmb H, USA Etch-35% phosphoric acid Di-and Trimethacrylate resins
PENTA, Amorphous Silicon Dioxide
Cetylamine hydrofluoride, Acetone
Phosphoric Acid
Highly dispensed silicon dioxide
Etch for 15 s; Etch wash and blot dry; Apply two coats of adhesive;
Gently drying 5 s;
Light cure for 10 s
Clearfil SE Bond Kuraray Medical,
Tokyo, Japan
Primer-MDP, EMA, hydrophilic dimethacrylate,photoinitiator, water
Bond-MDP, HEMA, hydrophilic dimethacrylate, Bis-GMA, microfiller
Apply primer for 20 s; Blow air gently; Apply bonding agent;
Light cure for 10 s
  1. MDP 10-mehtacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate, PENTA dipentaerythritol penta acrylate monophosphate, Bis-GMA bisphenol A-glycidyl methacrylate